Food and Relationships

A Date for Breakfast


There are many people who are not really at their best first thing in the morning, so a date for breakfast could cause them anxiety. They see it as a rocky path toward failing in their relationship, but it is an important meal that should be shared with the one they love. It will give each of them a chance to get to know each other without the barriers that are normally present during the rest of the day. How the relationship will fare once the couple has had a date for breakfast is anybody’s guess.

People who wake up suddenly and are ready to attack the day without hesitation are seen by many as too cheerful and perky in the morning, but they have no choice in how they wake up. For them, a breakfast date is a great time to relax with someone they care about while they enjoy the fresh morning air. If their date is not looking and feeling good, they will need to face the fact they might be dating a night owl.

When going on a date, it is important to be alert and conscientious. Those who find it takes several hours for them to adjust to being up are not quite awake, and a morning date could show their partner that their preparations for the day take a great deal of effort. Sympathy for a partner who is not ready for the day at a moment’s notice is a good indicator they will be kind and caring in the relationship.

Each person in a relationship needs to accommodate their partner at some point, and choosing to have breakfast together is a good indicator of whether or not they are truly compatible. If they can get past their unconscious morning habits, they have a fairly good chance of being able to accept the other person’s lifestyle.