Food and Relationships

A Fly in the Soup


Seeking a great relationship may be a lifetime journey. It begins with dating people that seem to be compatible. Over time, the issue of compatibility should be settled. Dating takes care of that by helping people to learn about each other. Unfortunately, there are some people that want to be in a relationship no matter the personal cost. They will fake a like for activities and foods in order to satisfy their partner. This type of relationship will often end badly for both people.

Just as a fly in the soup ruins dinner, a person that is not honest in a relationship is ruining it. The foundation of a relationship always begins with trust. Many people will believe a person that says they like sushi and going to the beach. If they do not, then it will eventually come out. Once that happens, the other person in the relationship will realize they were told lies. This is a betrayal and the relationship generally cannot be saved.