Whaler Fights

Alright.   Finally something a little different. Here's a little look at Mark Janssens.  Mark survived an injury that almost ended his hockey career in an IHL game against Salt Lake as a Denver Ranger to move on to the NHL.  While never a dominating fighter, he was almost always entertaining.  After the injury, which took place in a fight, he almost always fought with his back to the boards.

Randy McKay vs Mark Janssens

Janssens Takes on Tamer in a wild punch up.

The Blackhawk Fighter Page

This is a great page on the Enforcers of the Chicago Blackhawks.

This is a Tony Twist site.  While he wasn't my favorite player, he was, and hopefully will be again, the five minute major master who gives nightmares to the Swedish sympathizer Gary Bettman. Twist was the hockey pacifist's worst fears come true.

The Ultimate Tony Twist Site

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