Food and Relationships

The Perfect Dessert


Dating is often the fun way to find out if two people are compatible. Taking a date out to dinner is fun in itself, but using it as a compatibility test makes it more exciting. Restaurants generally offer a good variety of appetizers and entrees. Guessing which ones a date will pick is a fun way to begin the evening. After each person has ordered, comparing guesses will give a couple a chance to see how close they came. If both of them are spot on with their guesses, they may be very compatible.

This is not a scientific way to predict compatibility. It isn’t even a predictor of future behavior or a relationship. It is just a fun way for a couple to look at their developing relationship. Besides, dessert has yet to be picked, and that is another place where the guessing game may be played. Each person has to come up with their guess and see if they are right. The prize here is fun combined with a possible relationship.

Not every couple wants a date to be a future relationship. Some of them just want to go out with someone and have a good time. There is nothing wrong with this, and it may even lead to a bit of casual sex. This is good for both people if that is what they seek.

For those that feel disappointed with the guesses for dinner and appetizer, dessert may not be part of the dinner. They may tell their date they’d rather go home early. This is because they might not feel compatible enough. It is then time to find dessert in the form of a fuck buddy. While they may not always be available, fuck buddies try their best to accommodate the needs of their friends for a good dessert after a disappointing meal.