Food and Relationships

Love at Lunch


Couples today can find it difficult to carve out time together, and those with families have found date night does not always work out. They might have had great plans to try a new restaurant, but that was before their children came home sick from school. They cancel their plans as they administer medication, and they give each other a smile for the evening they are missing. It could seem as if their personal time is always interrupted, but those who are determined to have their date could find love at lunch.

Couples with children generally work within the same community, but they might bring their lunches to work as a cost-saving plan. Instead of spending their money on an evening out that they never seem to get, they should consider meeting for lunch during the week. Finding a good restaurant equidistant between their jobs might be difficult, but they can do it if they try. The hunt alone could bring them closer, and they might even find it gives them a sense of shared adventure.

For those on a tight budget, sharing their lunch time at a local park could be the answer to a canceled date night. They will not have as many hours as they would have after work, but they could meet several times during the week. It is not exactly the answer they might have wanted, but it will give them an opportunity to be a couple with their own hopes and dreams to discuss.

Date nights are a way to nurture a relationship when couples are busy with work and children, but finding the time can be difficult. Absentee sitters or sick children can cancel their night out without notice, and many couples might have to go to extreme measure to get some time alone. Meeting for lunch could be the solution that will get them through the busy and difficult times.